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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Joni sitting pretty

Joni went to uncle Swee Tshung's house where there were lots of other kids playing. Click on the thumbnail to see the other photos.

Tesco Puchong violates Tesco's waiting policy

Tesco boasts that customers will never have to wait more than 2 carts in line or they will open a new lane. However, on Friday 27th February, although there were still some lanes not open, they still did not open any new lanes in spite of the lines being much longer than that!

Unfortunately, when I went to their website to complain recently, the website was malfunctioning, so I am making this blog post instead.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Baby #2 is a girl

We found out Baby #2 is a girl from last week's ultrasound. So we've begun thinking of possible names. Here're some that we've thought of so far, but what we end up with in the end might not be any of these yet :-)

Jessie - feminine of Jesse - יִשַׁי -- Gift
Sarah - שָׂרָה - princess
Charis - Χαρις - grace
Hannah - חַנָּה - grace
Esther - אֶסְתֵר - "star" in Persian