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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Two more cute kid stories

I've got two cute stories to tell too, in addition to the one Ian told earlier.

Story 1: When food drops on the ground
We babysat my friend's 7-yr-old girl. When my friend came to pick up her daughter, one of the three wee girls dropped some munchy on the floor. So my friend said, "Oh, don't eat that. It's dirty because it dropped on the floor." Whereupon, Joni's little voice chirped: "Mummy says she can eat it because she has a strong stomach." Blush, blush...

Story 2: Looking a gift horse in the mouth
Hannah was seen playing with a switched-on torchlight in her left hand and a wooden spatula in her right, pointing at the mouth of a toy horse given by a little girlfriend from church. A little doctor wannabe!

Ta, and so much for little girl stories!


Monday, 16 January 2012

Joni the Mediator

We were at a birthday party and the kids got normal-air balloons on plastic sticks (the kind that stand up without need for helium).

Hannah had been annoying Joni by bopping her on her head with her balloon, so I told Hannah that if she didn't cease and desist, I would take the balloon away from her. She didn't, so I did.

Naturally, Hannah, being 2½, started whining and crying. After some minutes, Joni decided she wanted the baby sling that Hannah had on her lap. I told Joni that she'd have to ask Hannah for it because it was Hannah's. Joni asked, then complained to me that even though she said "Please", Hannah didn't give it to her. I explained to Joni that it was because Hannah was upset that her balloon had been taken away from her.

Then Joni proceeded to negotiate with Hannah that if mummy gave her back her balloon, would she promise not to bop Joni on her head anymore? So Hannah promised, and we gave her back her balloon, then Joni asked for for the sling "please" and Hannah gave it to her!

Juliane and I were quite impressed with 4-year-old Joni's negotiation skills! ☺