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Monday, 22 February 2010

Informal family photos

It's been a while since we had a photo with all 4 of us so we had a friend snap a few shots.

And here's one of Hannah standing alone:

Joni's lion dance

Our neighbour Segar invited a lion dance troupe to his house and they provided the kids with a small lion and drum which Joni, Segar's grandson Darshen, Segar's youngest daughter Tulasi, and several other children had fun with.

Joni flies a kite

Ok, daddy did help her get it up first, but after that, she was the one holding on to it for a long time :-)

Joni with grandparents at Hot Springs while Hannah was in the hospital

Over the New Year holidays, Ah Kong (grandfather) and Ah Mah (grandmother) took Joni to swim in the Hot Springs while Hannah was in the hospital due to a high fever that turned out to be the roseola virus.

The reason Hannah's arm is bandaged was because due to the fever disrupting her appetite, they had put her on a drip to keep her hydrated and fed. This photo was taken late in the hospitalization, when she was already feeling better.