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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Joni and Hannah in September

It's been a while so I thought I'd put up some recent photos of Joni and Hannah. For more photos, see my Facebook album. Unfortunately this link will expire eventually because of Facebook's nasty policy of making externally-accessible links to Facebook albums expire.

Joni is starting to learn how to feed herself.

Hannah continues to grow and be cute.

Joni loves Hannah... except when sibling jealousy kicks in :-)

Joni & Hannah with Ah Kong (That's Hokkien for grandfather.)

Hannah with Ah Mah (That's Hokkien for grandmother.)

Joni built herself a train from a couple of cardboard boxes from Oscar plush toys and a plastic toy and started posing for the camera! Not bad for a less-than-2-year-old!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hannah being cute

Hannah was being cute so Juliane said we had to show off some of these photos.

I like milk!

So daddy gives me milk!

The name's Bond. Hannah Bond.

I'm such an angel. (Sometimes.)

Kopi & Teh = Jelly and Tisu Muka = Cordial?!!

I saw this sign in Tesco Puchong. Tesco is a world-wide British supermarket chain, but apparently the quality control in the Malaysian subsidiary isn't exactly up to British standards...
(For the benefit of my non-Malaysian friends, Kopi = Coffee, Teh = Tea, and Tisu Muka = Facial Tissue).