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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Muslims in America

Ok, today's blog entry has nothing to do with Joni for a change.

I came across this video that brought tears to my eyes:

It's noteworthy that this was done in the most bigoted part of USA, the South. And yet, the majority of the people who said anything defended the Muslim woman. 6 people supported the bigoted store clerk, 13 stood up for the Muslim woman, and 22 said nothing. The ABC TV people made a big deal about the 22, but I think they were just intimidated -- it wouldn't have made a difference if it was some store clerk being belligerent for any other reason than hating Muslims.

For all we disagree with America's foreign policy, one thing about the Americans is their sense of human rights.

I think a similar thing would happen if it was a Christian in an equivalent part of Malaysia who was being refused service... but how about if it were a Jew?


Riz said...

Hey Ian,
Thanks for posting this video.

I was moved to tears as well.

I agree with your observations.

Ian said...

You're welcome, Riz.