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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Joni has chicken pox

Poor Joni has a pretty bad case of chicken pox... and poor Juliane had to be cooped up at home all week trying to keep Joni entertained and comfort her when the itching & sores get too bad. She got it from preschool last week, but it didn't break out till Monday. She didn't have many spots until Friday afternoon. These photos were taken Saturday morning:
It's steadily gotten worse over the course of the day... in fact, right now it's worse than when this photo was taken, Saturday afternoon: Joni on Sunday morning before she woke up:
Monday night: many of the spots are starting to scab over -- hope this means she's over the worst of it!


Mohammad Shafieipour said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope little pretty Joni gets well very soon. However, I assure you that she wont remember a thing after its over. Well, according to my experience when I was little.

Ian said...

Thanks, Mohammad. Yeah, it's just stressful for the parents now :-)

Mattox Beckman said...

Axe oil seems to work well for relieving the itching.

Ian said...

Hi, Mattox. What's axe oil?

We're using calamine lotion and bathing her with oatmeal.