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Thursday, 8 November 2007

It's a girl!

Joni Chai 蔡仲妮 was born at 2:31 am (GMT+0800), 30th October, 2007. She weighed 3.06 Kg at birth and was 47 cm long.

We had a scare because her pulse rate suddenly dropped so the gynaecologist decided to do a caesarian. I had another scare because she wouldn't start breathing at first, and everyone except the gynae and one nurse rushed over to the baby. But praise God she started breathing eventually and is now fine.

Apologies to the late Conway Twitty and his daughter Joni Lee for "stealing" their song and modifying the lyrics to better suit my Joni. This video is also available at YouTube.

Here're some photos of Joni's first day.
Here're some photos of Joni taken later.

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