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Friday, 23 November 2007

Difficulties breastfeeding

Here're some new photos of Joni.

Note the one breastfeeding photo: this was one of the rare times when Joni actually latched on and suckled for a while. We very much believe in the goodness of mother's milk.

However, Joni isn't sucking well, not even on the bottle. We are managing to get her to drink the milk put in her mouth, however, and the pediatrician says she's getting enough nutrition and not to worry. But it does mean double work for Juliane -- she has to first pump out the milk, then feed it to Joni in a bottle. We've had lots of friends give advice, including folks from BreastfeedLah and a professional breastfeeding expert, who told us Joni doesn't seem to have a good rooting reflex.

So do pray that she'll suckle.

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