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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Breast pump holder

When pumping milk, Juliane's hands were occupied in holding the pump funnels to her breasts. This can be very boring as it means she can't really do anything else.

She saw a commercial breast pump holder on the Internet for US$30 and the Medella distributor could get it for RM 120, but it wasn't in stock and they would have to order it from overseas.

So I modified one of Juliane's old sports bras and voila! Click here to see it.

If you want to do this, you might want to use a sports bra with seams across the nipple like I did -- then I unpicked the seams to the correct location and stitched the edges so that they would not fray.


chanelwong said...

that is very can start doing n sell to others...who need it...

Ian said...

Haha, I neither have the time nor inclination... I'm very "un-Chinese" when it comes to business, so I'm just sharing the info for others who might want to make it for themselves.

Ian said...

Hi, Chanel, your friend Vivian wants us to try doing this with the sports bras she has in stock, so we MIGHT be marketing them through !