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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Last year, our good friend Loo Thing Peng gave us this Christmas tree to celebrate our new house. However, we were still too busy settling in by the time Christmas rolled around so we never managed to get it up. Sadly, Peng was murdered on 21st May this year. So, putting up the tree brought back bittersweet memories. Bitter, because of the tragic way Peng was taken from us. Sweet, because of the friendship we shared with her and because we are quite sure she's in heaven with Jesus now. This Christmas, we remember the birth of Jesus, but also our dear friend Peng who gave us our Christmas tree.

Of course, this year also saw the birth of Joni, which is what made me start blogging. Peng did live long enough to anticipate becoming "Aunty Peng" to little Joni (though she hadn't been named yet as we didn't know her gender until later.) I remember laughing at how our good friend Joshua's blog became a daddy blog when his daughter Zoe was born, but now I'm the same way!

Many of our friends and relatives also had babies this year, including Ian's sister Diane, whose second child and first son Dylan was born 11 days after Joni, cousin Wen Jye had his second child, uncle Chee Seng & Gwen had their third daughter, and many friends including Beng Keat & Lai Li had a daughter, James & Sharon had another son, and Andreas and Yee Send had a son.


Josh said...

Merry Christmas!
Ian, try to remove references to my real name. thanks!

Ian said...
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Ian said...

Done! I've reduced it to "Joshua" since that's what it says on your blog.